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Welcome to Adventures of the Mind Achievement & Leadership Mentoring Camp! Our mission is to engage excellence – beginning with the all-star faculty of Mentors and your fellow campers – and inspire you to expand your horizons and fulfill your potential.

Adventures is a different kind of summer camp — one that helps you explore your future, including career paths that stoke your intellectual and creative passions. To help you focus on this important goal we offer an online financial capability course. Successful completion of   proves to the world that you have obtained an adult level understanding of personal finance and know how to keep a budget. This course is provided at no cost to all applicants and is available even if you are not accepted into Adventures.

To be accepted into the program is to achieve de facto national recognition given the in-depth nature of the selection process, world class stature of the mentors, and the intellectual rigor of the program. Next summer, gathering on the Philadelphia campus of our academic partner Rosemont College, more than 200 talented teens will meet dozens of adult achievers at the top of their respective fields, tour area colleges, go behind the scenes at the National Constitution Center and much more.

Adventures of the Mind – often referred to as a mentoring summit because of the high ratio of mentors to students – happens August 2-9, 2015. You will investigate one of the major societal shifts shaping your future: Now that technology has made information instantly accessible, what you know is not as important as what you do with it! As a result, young people need to think critically, collaborate effectively, and communicate persuasively. As you explore these skills, you will have at your sides an all-star faculty of mentors: tech entrepreneurs and Pulitzer-winning writers, astronauts and archeologists, Nobel-winning scientists and public servants, many of whom are also professors from leading universities.

In seminars, workshops and informal gatherings, these Mentors will share their own triumphs, setbacks, and lessons learned, with the goal of inspiring and better preparing the next generation of thinkers and leaders. And we have seen how these messages are taken to heart. A student who attended our 2014 camp shared her experience with us:   

"I was introduced to many versions of success at Adventures. What I took from hearing everyone speak to us was a respect for variation (genetic and otherwise). Now true success means something different to me. While it could mean being well paid and well liked, I find that my interpretation of success is different than others. So why follow indifferently down their paths, when I can blaze down my own?"

Julia Fong, '14 Tan Scholar
Marymount High School Class of '16

Every student accepted to participate has been personally nominated by an educator who knows them and believes he or she has the potential to succeed – regardless of grades or test scores. The result is an incredible mix of talented teens from across the nation who, like you, plans to attend a top ranked college.

Educators from across the nation nominate students they believe who, with guidance and nurture, could maximize their potential and make important contributions to society. Leadership potential is important so we ask nominators to give special consideration to students who make the time and effort to lead – whether in academics, athletics, community organizations, or after-school clubs.

97% of our eligible high school students are attending or have completed college and two have even received the highest award given to a college senior: the Hertz Fellowship. Adventures Alum Michael Li '03 also received the Marshall Scholarship.

2014 Schedule of Events

Adventures is proud to be hosting a Google Hackathon during the summit at Rosemont this year. The event will take place on August 4th and will feature Google engineers and designers who will help student Adventurers to bring their ideas to life.

Step 1: Complete Application for admission. The first half of the class is selected by March 15, and the remainder by June 1, 2015.

Step 2: Your Educator submits a nomination and a letter of recommendation on your behalf.

Step 3: Acceptance notice within 30 days of receiving educator nomination and letter.